The Simpsons in the USA had the most difficult start, simply the show couldn’t get aired and then it was finally taken up by the Tracey Ullman show which itself was struggling.

Sky and Fox had bought the rights to the cartoon and needed content to work, to promote satellite in Europe. So The Simpsons had to work in Europe or it was an early end to the project.

Cartmell was briefed with WEA, Mattel and Sky to make the Simpsons work using national media exposure. If it worked in the UK, the belief was that it would register in Europe.

The objective was to get into enough magazines that the nationals could no longer ignore the Simpsons and get the cartoon talked up. Over two years, the PR and promotional activity increased dramatically and the results were significant. We promoted a Bart Simpson rap record to No 1 in the charts in 7 European countries – It was never released in USA. In year 3 Michael Jackson officially voiced for the show and The Simpsons became the most successful animated series in US TV History.

“What can I say about the Simpsons –to say we are satisfied is the understatement of the century.”
Marketing Director The Simpsons

“What ever they are doing –don’t stop”
Matt Groening inventor of The Simpsons